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The future female chartered accountant – Embracing the JOURNEY – Women in Leadership

Jump start your journey in figuring out the next steps … inspiring narratives tend to provide new perspectives – there is no simple formulae. However listening to the experiences and lessons shared during these conversations – resolutely redirects a heightened sense of purposefulness. It could either contribute to your journey, or provide you with an awareness to re-calibrate, and change your current trajectory.

Lifting as she climbs: Dealing with Queen Bee Syndrome – Women in Leadership

Join our speakers as we chat about the queen bee syndrome, the causation and its effects. We will probe as to where does it all begin, and interrogate if there is a deactivation button? We will also focus on how female leaders can assist in the development of future female leaders in their organization

Living your values – Understanding your context through a defined career strategy – Women in Leadership

As we progress through our careers, at specific inflection points, we often question if we are in the right direction or if we have chosen the right career or our personal or professional circumstances have changed that require reflection on career goals. We have experts that will guide the audience on what to consider and advise on the process to follow to make the most appropriate decision.

The Interconnectedness of Work and Life – Women in Leadership

Are you busy trying to lead a full life. But does it really feel full, or are you stretched too thin? With the nuances of our current reality, and backed up with much scientific research – there is no such thing as work-life balance. However there are four domains: work, home, community and our private self and the idea is to create harmony amongst these realms, rather than trading them off.